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Provide and coordinate hospitality service

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How many different types of hospitality enterprises can you think of? There are many types of businesses in the wide world of hospitality. Some offer accommodation, some food and beverage, others gaming facilities, some offer all of these at the one venue. They can range from very casual environments to highly formal with every conceivable products and services available to customers.

To work in any of these environments you need to be able to not only perform the basic skills but plan and coordinate your tasks, communicate effectively with customers and team members and understand the difference between serving a customer and providing quality customer service.

How well you can plan and coordinate your work tasks can determine how easy or difficult your shift will be. More importantly it will determine whether or not the experience is a positive one for your customers.

This unit is designed to help you understand how to organise and co-ordinate your service skills so you can become an organised and effective member of the team in any work environment.

In this unit you will learn how to:

  • Organise and prepare for service
  • Provide service
  • Close down after service.
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