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Prepare, cook and serve food for menus

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Throughout our lives we acquire, develop and hone a wide range of skills and knowledge that builds on what we already know and do. When it comes to our career, building on our work related skills and knowledge is very rewarding. It helps us perform our jobs more effectively, which leads to better products, customer service, job promotion and employability.

This unit is the second holistic unit that has been included as part of your training to build on what you learnt in the first holistic unit, Prepare, cook and serve food. In completing that unit, you demonstrated the technical and organisational skills needed to operate in a commercial kitchen environment while under the direction of others. This unit is designed to take these skills to a new level so that you will not only be able to operate in a food service environment with only limited supervision, but also be able to administer, supervise or manage it.

In this unit you will learn how to:

  • Coordinate, organise and prepare for food service
  • Cook and serve menu items for food service
  • Coordinate and complete end of session requirements.
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