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Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training

Didasko's suite of SIT learning resources covers industry sectors such as cookery, customer service, food and beverage, tourism and more. Drawing on industry experts, our resources deliver informative, up-to-date content that engages the learner and can be accessed whenever, wherever and however the learner chooses.

BSB Diploma multimedia
Business services

Business Diploma qualification units are now available, delivered with full multimedia content to engage minds and motivate learners. Created with a strong industry focus, our content generates engaging and meaningful interaction between students and educators.

BSB Cert II - Advanced Diploma
Business Services

Didasko's partnership with learning specialists Precision Group brings with it a wealth of business learning resources. With over 100 units covering topics such as customer service, finance, marketing, workplace relations, management and more.

Community Services

Designed by an award-winning instructional designer and written by industry professionals with over 25 years' experience in nursing, aged care and adult education. The result is a cutting-edge learning experience that incorporates everyday language, real-life case studies and multimedia simulation tools.


Written by bakers for bakers using easy to understand language, the online resource provides training organisations with the all-encompassing content, assessments and online functionality for training in diverse settings.