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Didasko Online is an easy to use Learning Management System (LMS) that is branded with your logo. Learners and trainers are able to access eLearning learning content, interactive activities, assessments and communication tools online via PC, notebooks and tablets. As long as you have internet connectivity, you can log in and start learning.

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Didasko Online has been designed with you in mind. Finding content and tracking learner progress is pain-free with clearly labeled and organised pages. See what progress a learner has made at a glance and send messages to let them know of upcoming events.

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Didasko Online benefits

  • Enrol all your learners in minutes
  • Find content fast using Didasko Online's user-friendly interface
  • Brand Didasko Online with your institute's logo
  • Access to assessments, Trainer Support Tools, activities and more

To help you better understand what Didasko Online can do for your organisation, read our frequently asked questions below. If you need further assisstance, consider contacting us on +61 3 9190 0399 or request a demo.

Easy to use

Easy to use

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100% online

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Didasko Online FAQs

How do I get started?

Contact our customer service team now on +61 3 9190 0399 or customerservice@didasko.com to enable us to commence the process of establishing a Didasko Online eLearning site for your organisation. We initially require some administrative details and your company logo. Please allow approximately five working days to have your platform established.

What information do I need to provide for set-up?

To set up a Didasko Online eLearning site we initially require standard company particulars such as your trading name, address, contact details, the name of the employee who will be the administrator of the site. The administrator will be responsible for your invoice payments and a list of the units that you will be utilising.

How is access provided?

Your unique Didasko Online URL, username and password are emailed to the authorised administrator of the organisation. The administrator is then responsible for providing username and passwords to trainers and learners as they're enrolled.

Will assistance be provided in getting started?

Yes. As part of the set-up process you will be taken through a thorough webinar induction process to learn the navigation features and best practice suggestions to enable a seamless and hassle free implementation within your training organisation. Within Didasko Online are clear, instructional videos to support your training. We also provide telephone technical support during Australian business hours to assist with any further questions you may have as they arise.

How do you enter details of learners and classes?

Your Didasko Online eLearning system has an inbuilt enrolment form feature which enables the site administrator to enrol trainers and learners into the platform under class groups. This triggers a welcome email to the recipient to provide site access and the unit charge to your account. For large learner groups there is bulk enrolment feature. This is all explained thoroughly in your induction training.

Do I need to install anything? Do I need a certain program?

No. Didasko Online is web-based. All you need is internet access.

How long does it take to initially set up Didasko Online?

From the time of intent it takes approximate five working days to establish your Didasko Online eLearning site.

Is there a minimum number of learners required?

No minimum. There can be one learner or thousands of learners enrolled.

How long is access active for each learner?

Each learner’s access is active until you request Didasko to end their usage. We suggest you leave all your learners active in your site so they can access the content for refresher learning well after they’ve left your organisation.

Can trainers monitor learners’ work?

Yes. Trainers can monitor learners work and track their progress within the Didasko Online eLearning site. Instructions on how to do this are covered in your induction training.

Can learners and trainers print PDFs?

Learners and trainers can print the PDF Learner Guide for the respective units they are enrolled into but our licencing forbids printing materials for learners not enrolled in the particular unit. Only one Learner Guide is permitted to be printed per learner. Further explanation is provided in our Online Delivery Terms and Conditions Agreement on the website.

Can I upload supplementary training materials to my Didasko Online site?

You are welcome to upload unit-related supplementary information to personalise and support your training delivery. Such supplementary material may include; links to websites, PDF or Word documents, links to video clips. You can even create your own online quizzes. This is all outlined in your induction session.

Do you provide trainer support tools as well?

Yes, trainer support tools are provided free of charge within your Didasko Online eLearning site. These are housed in a separate restricted trainer-only folder. Depending on the suite of resource these may consist of soft copies of assessments, model answers and compliance mapping documents.

Do we have to purchase units for trainers?

No, trainer access is free. Charges only incur when a learner is enrolled into a unit.

How much is Didasko Online?

Didasko’s resources are charged on a per unit/per learner basis, in addition to an initial one-off site setup fee. Prices vary depending on the particular suite of content. Visit our prices page for more information. Alternatively, contact our customer service team on +61 3 9190 0399.

In what format can learner results be exported from Didasko Online?

Learner results can be exported to your computer as an Open Document spreadsheet, Plain text file, Excel spreadsheet or an XML file.